Suet bird feeder, red oak 21"+

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This is a Suet bird feeder made out of solid Red Oak hardwood (rope/chain not included). It is not a typical bird feeder and does not use regular bird feed. It uses suet feed (see recipe below). The body started its life as a stick of fire wood and I shaped it into what you see here. The 1/2" dial rods are made of red oak. Everything has been coated with Spar polyurethane (for outdoor protection).

Product dimensions:
Body Length: 21-1/2"
body (average): 4" x 5-1/4" (trapezoidal shaped)
rod lengths: 2"

The feed that is used can be home made. Rather than using regular bird seed, this feeder requires suet feed. This is bird food made out of Peanut butter, corn meal, and lard.

Recipe: Mix 1 Cup Lard (soften first), 2 Table spoons of Peanut butter, and 1/2 Cup of corn meal. It may not sound very yummy or even healthy for us humans but birds love it and require the fat. Squirrels seem to not like this mixture! But, if you add regular bird seed to the formula, squirrels will invade the feeder. This suet feed does not need to be refrigerated during storage.

The feeder has a mounting ring in the top and is designed to be hung from a tree branch, under house eves, or by other means. Rope or chain is not included. Suet feed not included.


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