Set of Cedar trivets


This is a set of trivets made from cedar logs: two short and one long. The logs have been split in half with sassafras rungs attached to the bottom. The rungs and bottoms have been spray coated with semi-gloss lacquer while the tops have only been oiled with Teak oil. There is no protective coating, such as polyurethane, applied to the trivet tops. Heat from pots and pans will affect any protective coating.

The two shorter trivets are for pots while the long trivet was made for cooking pans and other long, large kitchen item.

Dimensions: (two short)
length: 7-1/2" & 7-3/4"
width: 6" & 7"
height: 1-3/4"

Long trivet:

length: 13-1/2"
width: 9"
height: 2-3/4"


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