What we are!

We are hobbyist/professional wood workers specializing in the design, development and construction of hand-made household furniture and craft items. We use reclaimed wood as well as milled and resawn lumber from trees that have fallen due to natural causes or non-negotiable circumstances. No trees have been cut down for the sole purpose of the construction of our products. Our wood types include Pine, Cedar, Cherry, Black Walnut, and a variety of Oaks.

In addition to our reclaimed solid woods, we also use high-grade plywood (cabinet grade) in key locations in certain products. Also, a very important note, we do NOT use any particle or press board in our products. We believe in solid construction with quality material that will last for MANY years. We apply our woodwork experience along with our graduate-level Engineering and Physics degrees into our trade giving our products a higher level of construction.

We serve the central Arkansas area with extensions in north west Arkansas and north east Oklahoma.

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